Lineman Bullies Himself Off Team

Richie Incognito (Left) and Jonathan Martin (Right) at practice earlier in the 2013 season

Richie Incognito (Left) and Jonathan Martin (Right) at practice earlier in the 2013 season

Miami Dolphins Guard Suspended Indefinitely after Harassment of Teammate 

Jonathan Martin recently showed everyone bullying doesn’t just happen to the little guys.

The 2nd year offensive tackle left the Miami Dolphins earlier this week after receiving continuous harassment at the hands of teammate Richie Incognito throughout this season.

Martin, who stands at 6-foot-5, 312-pounds, reportedly “flipped out” in the team cafeteria after teammates refused to sit with him, leaving the team facility and has yet to return. One can only assume that this was final-straw in a series of acts that led the Stanford-grad to have the meltdown that he did. Although other teammates have been mentioned, the ring-leader of the bullying has been fellow offensive lineman Incognito.

Incognito is no stranger to player misconduct. Going back to his college days in 2003, Incognito has been apart of 9 different notable incidents involving other players and coaches. The Dolphins franchise acted quickly after a voicemail Incognito sent Martin surfaced.  “He’s done,” a team source told the Miami Herald. “There are procedures in place, and everyone wants to be fair. The NFL is involved. But from a club perspective he’ll never play another game here.”

Although it could ultimately lead him losing his job, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said that he will fully cooperate with the NFL’s inquiries and accept the findings into the allegations on the hazing of Martin. On top of the locker room controversy that is sure to follow this event, the 4-4 Dolphins just lost 2 of their starting offensive lineman, leaving the team hoping that backups can fill in adequately as the team continues to pursue the post-season.

As far as Incognito is concerned, it looks like the 30-year-old’s career may be coming to an end. Former New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens linebacker Bart Scott told ESPN 98.7 FM in New York that Incognito should be kicked out of the NFL.

“He needs to be gone,” Scott said. “No one would miss him anyway. Trust me.”

Based on the league’s initial reaction to this event, it looks as though we’ve (thankfully) seen the last of Incognito’s bullying ways.