The Professional Side of Twitter

A look in Tweet-Chatting and the professional insight offered by this medium

Today marked the first time I’ve ever participated in a ‘Tweet-Chat’, and it did not disappoint. My personal experience with twitter has typically consisted of finding out the latest news, interacting with my friends, and connecting with sport stars/ celebrities on a personal level. Using the hashtag #TChat, I was able to connect with others in the professional world and discuss topics relating to successful techniques in the workplace.

#TChat was hosted by TalentCulture, which is a blogging platform that deals with all different types of topics relating to the improving the human aspect of the workplace. Meghan Brio, founder of TalentCulture, is the moderator of the chat that allows peers to interact on a very professional level. This week much of the discussion was based on how Gen-Xers can stay up to speed with the quickly-advancing media trends.

After a pleasant experience with my first tweet chat, I certainly expect to become an attendant of more in the future. Simple tweets such as welcoming members to the Tweet Chat garnered responses from fellow users in the chat. There was a serious, yet sarcastic tone throughout the chat from all members, especially with the moderators or ‘leaders’ of the chat, which allowed me to stay interested for the duration of the chat. Biro led everyone by asking five different question during the chat, all relating to some aspect of thriving in the workplace.

This experience with ‘Tweet-Chatting’ opened my eyes to a fun, yet intelligent way to gain insight into my future professional aspirations. After witnessing the many¬†‘trolls of twitter’ and celebrities breaking down via the medium, it was nice to see the popular social media site provide genuine knowledge to those interested. #TChat allowed me to experience the professional side of twitter, and I’ll certainly be back.