Welcome to Past the Statistics!

Hello everyone, my name is Mike Tischler. I am a 22-year-old, 5th year student, attending The Ohio State University. Born and raised a buckeye in Cleveland, Ohio, now residing in the state capital of Columbus. Being a lifelong Cleveland fan, I’ve been forced at times to take an interest in sports outside that of the win and loss column. Which is exactly the point of the blog, to take a look into how the decisions and reactions of teams affect their market and brand. The professional sports world has many complex aspects, but much of that is directed on how many yards a players passes for or how many games a team wins in a given year. This blog will show you a view different than that of your typical “talking head” sports analyst. The focus here will be more on how a decision looks in the eyes of a fan on something such as the success of a team’s a promotional campaign. My goal will be to avoid statistics, instead, see how the sports franchises and athletes of today function in the face of the most controversial event or greatest triumph, but from a PR standpoint. With football season in full effect and basketball season rearing it’s head around the corner, expect to see much more in the near future.

Until then,