Kansas State Sizzles Up a New Promotion Idea

Kansas State's Bacon Promotion posted to Twitter

Kansas State’s Bacon Promotion posted to Twitter

Kansas State Women’s Basketball brings the bacon to students

It’s hard to ignore the bacon craze that has swept over the country the past couple years, and apparently the Kansas State Women’s Basketball team has taken notice. 

Announced via there Twitter feed on Tuesday, the school plans to have 300 pounds of bacon cooked and ready an hour before the team’s home opener versus Tennessee State on Friday. 

“We wanted to do something food-related to make a splash,” Kansas State athletics spokesman Randy Peterson said,  “We’ve done free pizza before, but every college kid has access to pizza. It’s a little harder to get bacon.”

Originally only planning to have 100 pounds, the social media response stemming from this free promotion has convinced the school to up the amount to 300 pounds. The increased amount is assuming to feed about 750 people with their promised “boat of bacon”. 

This is not Kansas State’s first attempt at a food-led promotion. In December of 2004, the school offered $1 hot dogs during a basketball game against Rutgers. So many fans took advantage of the promotion that they ran out before the end of the first half, Peterson said.

The promotion has even garnered the attention of ESPN’s SportCenter, with the show featuring a tweet about the bacon give-a-way. Win or lose this weekend, Kansas State’s fans are sure to walk out of the game with a smile, all thanks to bacon. 


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