Kansas State Sizzles Up a New Promotion Idea

Kansas State's Bacon Promotion posted to Twitter

Kansas State’s Bacon Promotion posted to Twitter

Kansas State Women’s Basketball brings the bacon to students

It’s hard to ignore the bacon craze that has swept over the country the past couple years, and apparently the Kansas State Women’s Basketball team has taken notice. 

Announced via there Twitter feed on Tuesday, the school plans to have 300 pounds of bacon cooked and ready an hour before the team’s home opener versus Tennessee State on Friday. 

“We wanted to do something food-related to make a splash,” Kansas State athletics spokesman Randy Peterson said,  “We’ve done free pizza before, but every college kid has access to pizza. It’s a little harder to get bacon.”

Originally only planning to have 100 pounds, the social media response stemming from this free promotion has convinced the school to up the amount to 300 pounds. The increased amount is assuming to feed about 750 people with their promised “boat of bacon”. 

This is not Kansas State’s first attempt at a food-led promotion. In December of 2004, the school offered $1 hot dogs during a basketball game against Rutgers. So many fans took advantage of the promotion that they ran out before the end of the first half, Peterson said.

The promotion has even garnered the attention of ESPN’s SportCenter, with the show featuring a tweet about the bacon give-a-way. Win or lose this weekend, Kansas State’s fans are sure to walk out of the game with a smile, all thanks to bacon. 


Lineman Bullies Himself Off Team

Richie Incognito (Left) and Jonathan Martin (Right) at practice earlier in the 2013 season

Richie Incognito (Left) and Jonathan Martin (Right) at practice earlier in the 2013 season

Miami Dolphins Guard Suspended Indefinitely after Harassment of Teammate 

Jonathan Martin recently showed everyone bullying doesn’t just happen to the little guys.

The 2nd year offensive tackle left the Miami Dolphins earlier this week after receiving continuous harassment at the hands of teammate Richie Incognito throughout this season.

Martin, who stands at 6-foot-5, 312-pounds, reportedly “flipped out” in the team cafeteria after teammates refused to sit with him, leaving the team facility and has yet to return. One can only assume that this was final-straw in a series of acts that led the Stanford-grad to have the meltdown that he did. Although other teammates have been mentioned, the ring-leader of the bullying has been fellow offensive lineman Incognito.

Incognito is no stranger to player misconduct. Going back to his college days in 2003, Incognito has been apart of 9 different notable incidents involving other players and coaches. The Dolphins franchise acted quickly after a voicemail Incognito sent Martin surfaced.  “He’s done,” a team source told the Miami Herald. “There are procedures in place, and everyone wants to be fair. The NFL is involved. But from a club perspective he’ll never play another game here.”

Although it could ultimately lead him losing his job, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said that he will fully cooperate with the NFL’s inquiries and accept the findings into the allegations on the hazing of Martin. On top of the locker room controversy that is sure to follow this event, the 4-4 Dolphins just lost 2 of their starting offensive lineman, leaving the team hoping that backups can fill in adequately as the team continues to pursue the post-season.

As far as Incognito is concerned, it looks like the 30-year-old’s career may be coming to an end. Former New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens linebacker Bart Scott told ESPN 98.7 FM in New York that Incognito should be kicked out of the NFL.

“He needs to be gone,” Scott said. “No one would miss him anyway. Trust me.”

Based on the league’s initial reaction to this event, it looks as though we’ve (thankfully) seen the last of Incognito’s bullying ways.

Catfish Comes to Campus


Nev Shulman spends a night with OSU students talking friendship and finding oneself

“Remember, you don’t need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends you can be certain of.”

The best way to sum up how Nev Shulman, Creator and Producer of MTV’s ‘Catfish’, addressed students Monday night at the Ohio State University Union Ballroom. An excited crowd listened as Nev spoke  about his experiences and knowledge of life since his documentary and show, both titled ‘Catfish’, have found fame.

Using the hashtag #CatfishonCampus, students were able to interact with Nev and members of the Ohio Union Activities Board (OUAB) throughout the event via Twitter and Instagram. Nev even started off the show by standing in various parts of the room so audience members could snap and post pictures to their favorite social media sites.

Quoting people such as Ghandi during the event, Nev inspired students to challenge themselves in all aspects of life, but especially that of finding great friendship. He told a story of how his older brother once told him that although he loved him, he didn’t especially like him at that time. The story changed Nev’s life, by him finding what was important in life, and that was his relationships with those close to him.

Although I am not an active viewer of the hit show, I was able to find Nev’s stories enlightening and interesting. When scanning through the feed of #CatfishonCampus, it is easy to realize that everyone else there had the same experience. Being able to chat with other members of the audience during the show through Twitter was a great bonus to a terrific show.