Fans Take Loss Personal

Fans of NFL Quarterback get a little too personal after recent string of poor performances

Earlier this week, Houston Texans quarterback, Matt Schaub, saw a different side of being a professional athlete than typically accustomed to. Late Tuesday, fans arrived at the home of the 32 year old quarterback to yell obscenities and take pictures of him and his family after the team’s poor start to the season. With the constant exposure our sports stars of today face, it’s not surprising that a fan could easily find a player’s home to express their ‘opinions’ to them. Schaub responded quickly to the incident where he called team security, but the fans had already left before they arrived.

Personally, I’m not that surprised that fans of a Texas football team would respond this way to a team with high expectations doing poorly. Knowing what everyone has been told of Texas football, they have over-passionate texansfansfans that demand success. This scene was even investigated by Houston Police, where they reported via Twitter some information about the investigation. ESPN interview teammate of Schaub, star defensive-end J.J. Watt, he said, “Sometimes they’ll follow me home. Sometimes they’ll be waiting in the driveway. At dinner and at my house are the two times when I refuse autographs and pictures. I feel like that’s a reasonable thing for me,” when asked about fans’ behavior toward him outside off the football field.

Media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram have allowed fans to feel a more intimate relationship with the players of their beloved teams. If a great player decides to wear nike, chances are their fans will too. When fans put players on a pedestal, they are held to higher standards, which can be both a positive or a negative. Fortunately for Schaub, his team responded quickly and the matter didn’t go further than a couple of fans being immature. Nonetheless, this still should raise eyebrows as to how invested some fans can be with their teams. Despite all the countless hours and money devoted to their favorite team, fans need to remember that after all, it’s just a game.


One thought on “Fans Take Loss Personal

  1. I saw on Sportscenter around the time that this happened that when Schaub got hurt the fans in the stadium actually cheered the fact that he was hurt. That is a point where i think things have gone to far. And then the fact that as you pointed out the fans followed him home that is whole different level. For people who know about football, Texas is where football is a live and die thing especially on Friday Nights when towns shut down to go to high school games.I can see the fans wanting to express their opinions but i feel that even though these people are professional athletes they should have some degree of privacy with their personal lives. Fans want to live their lifestyle and be their friends but at some point you have to let them be human beings.

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