The Professional Side of Twitter

A look in Tweet-Chatting and the professional insight offered by this medium

Today marked the first time I’ve ever participated in a ‘Tweet-Chat’, and it did not disappoint. My personal experience with twitter has typically consisted of finding out the latest news, interacting with my friends, and connecting with sport stars/ celebrities on a personal level. Using the hashtag #TChat, I was able to connect with others in the professional world and discuss topics relating to successful techniques in the workplace.

#TChat was hosted by TalentCulture, which is a blogging platform that deals with all different types of topics relating to the improving the human aspect of the workplace. Meghan Brio, founder of TalentCulture, is the moderator of the chat that allows peers to interact on a very professional level. This week much of the discussion was based on how Gen-Xers can stay up to speed with the quickly-advancing media trends.

After a pleasant experience with my first tweet chat, I certainly expect to become an attendant of more in the future. Simple tweets such as welcoming members to the Tweet Chat garnered responses from fellow users in the chat. There was a serious, yet sarcastic tone throughout the chat from all members, especially with the moderators or ‘leaders’ of the chat, which allowed me to stay interested for the duration of the chat. Biro led everyone by asking five different question during the chat, all relating to some aspect of thriving in the workplace.

This experience with ‘Tweet-Chatting’ opened my eyes to a fun, yet intelligent way to gain insight into my future professional aspirations. After witnessing the many ‘trolls of twitter’ and celebrities breaking down via the medium, it was nice to see the popular social media site provide genuine knowledge to those interested. #TChat allowed me to experience the professional side of twitter, and I’ll certainly be back.


Fans Take Loss Personal

Fans of NFL Quarterback get a little too personal after recent string of poor performances

Earlier this week, Houston Texans quarterback, Matt Schaub, saw a different side of being a professional athlete than typically accustomed to. Late Tuesday, fans arrived at the home of the 32 year old quarterback to yell obscenities and take pictures of him and his family after the team’s poor start to the season. With the constant exposure our sports stars of today face, it’s not surprising that a fan could easily find a player’s home to express their ‘opinions’ to them. Schaub responded quickly to the incident where he called team security, but the fans had already left before they arrived.

Personally, I’m not that surprised that fans of a Texas football team would respond this way to a team with high expectations doing poorly. Knowing what everyone has been told of Texas football, they have over-passionate texansfansfans that demand success. This scene was even investigated by Houston Police, where they reported via Twitter some information about the investigation. ESPN interview teammate of Schaub, star defensive-end J.J. Watt, he said, “Sometimes they’ll follow me home. Sometimes they’ll be waiting in the driveway. At dinner and at my house are the two times when I refuse autographs and pictures. I feel like that’s a reasonable thing for me,” when asked about fans’ behavior toward him outside off the football field.

Media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram have allowed fans to feel a more intimate relationship with the players of their beloved teams. If a great player decides to wear nike, chances are their fans will too. When fans put players on a pedestal, they are held to higher standards, which can be both a positive or a negative. Fortunately for Schaub, his team responded quickly and the matter didn’t go further than a couple of fans being immature. Nonetheless, this still should raise eyebrows as to how invested some fans can be with their teams. Despite all the countless hours and money devoted to their favorite team, fans need to remember that after all, it’s just a game.

Time for a Change?

 NFL franchise faces scrutiny over longtime nickname

Washington RedskinsIn seemingly every professional sports league in the United States, there is a team who’s been put on the hot-seat for having a mascot with a negative racial-undertone. The most notable of these teams is the Washington Redskins of the National Football League. Despite constant scrutiny since taking over as owner of the team in 1999, Dan Snyder has always refused the thought of changing his team’s controversial name. Snyder has taken heat from various media members throughout the years on his stance, most recently this summer, when he told the USA today, “We’ll never change the name. It’s that simple. NEVER—you can use caps.”

Not only is the media speaking out, but also finding unique ways to protest the use of the Redskins’ name. For instance, Peter King, of Sport Illustrated, has ‘boycotted’ referring  to Washington’s NFL franchise as the Redskins in his popular weekly NFL column, Monday Morning Quarterback. The same goes for the Editor in Chief of, Bill Simmons, who simply uses the Washington D.C.’s rather than recognize them as the Redskins. The media’s voice is surely having an impact on the fans as well, most notably with our country’s biggest sports fan,  President Barack Obama.

That’s right, our Commander-in-Chief has even taken notice on the Washington name predicament. In an interview over the weekend with the Associated Press, Obama voiced his opinion for a name change, saying he would “think about changing” the team’s name. He also added, “I don’t know whether our attachment to a particular name should override the real, legitimate concerns that people have about these things.”

Although Snyder has held a firm stance, when someone as prominent as our country’s president comments on a minuscule issue like a team’s mascot, even the most stubborn should take a second look. Regardless of anyone’s opinion toward the nickname, if it only shines a negative light on your franchise, why keep the name? You can give a hundred arguments as to why the name is or isn’t offensive, but the only thing that really matter is the fact that it is an argument in the first place. Washington fans will still love the team if they are the Redskins or the Renegades, so why bother the backlash? Instead, just make the change.

Real Men Wear Pink


NFL kicks-off Breast Cancer Awareness Month in a big way

Every year as October rolls around NFL fans have begun to expect something that you wouldn’t typically see on a 6′ 5″ 250 lb. man, pink. That’s right, every year the NFL dedicates 4 weeks of their schedule promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In 2009, A Crucial Catch: Annual Screening Saves Lives was started and since then has raised over $4.5 million dollars for the American Cancer Society. The campaign has been a hit with many players, such as Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, who lost his mother to breast cancer in 2003. A Crucial Catch has even been featured in the top selling video game franchise, Madden NFL.

The 2013 campaign leads off as the Cleveland Browns host the Buffalo Bills on Primetime Thursday Night Football. “We are proud to partner with the American Cancer Society and raise awareness for fans, cancer patients, cancer survivors and their families,” said, Cleveland Browns director of community relations, Jenner Tekancic. Cleveland intends to be a great opening ceremony host for the campaign by inviting five breast cancer survivors to be recognized as honorary coin-toss captains.

,Recently, it seems as though the NFL has had nothing but a black cloud looming over them. With constant news coverage surrounding the NFL player’s concussion lawsuit and the Aaron Hernandez murder trial, it’s nice to see a positive light shined on the league. Despite playing arguably the most violent sport in the world, these guys do have a soft side. It may not hold true to all situations, but in this case, Real Men Wear Pink.